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Professor Brian Donnellan is Vice President of Engagement and Innovation, and Professor of Management Information Systems at Maynooth University where he is responsible for Enterprise and Regional Engagement.  His other activities include:

  • Chairman of the All-Ireland Smart Cities Forum and a board member of the Irish Centre for Local and Regional Development (ICLRD).
  • Co-Principal Investigator in the Irish Software Research Centre, “LERO” and The Smart Cities Research Centre, “ENABLE”.
  • Funded Investigator in the Research Centre for Advanced Manufacturing, “CONFIRM” and the Centre for Future Networks and Communications, “CONNECT”.
  • Academic Director of the Innovation Value Institute

Brian’s research interests include Technology Adoption, Innovation Management and Data Governance.

He teaches in the areas on topics relating to IT-enabled innovation and Technology Management. 

Prior to becoming an academic, he spent 19 years working in the ICT industry.

He can be contacted at [email protected].